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Come and explore how the B&K® Precision Leveler can improve your metal forming, cut-to-length or job shop business.


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B&K® supplies corrective leveler to Ryerson Tull

This B&K Precision Leveler has 9 adjustable back-up flights, which provide superior shape correction.

Contact: Matthew T. Watson



B&K® supplies corrective leveler to Ryerson Tull's Plymouth, Minnesota facility. The leveler is a 4 high design to process non- surface critical material 60" wide with capacities ranging from .015" to .060" thick material. The leveler has 1.156" diameter work rolls, manually adjustable upper back-ups for set up purposes, power tilt head and power adjustable lower back-ups to allow for the correction of edge wave, center buckle, cross bow and coil set. The machine is provided with a powered high rise head feature to allow the operator or maintenance personnel easy access to the work rolls. It has a massive gearbox with dual herringbone gear train to prevent lateral end thrust for smooth performance and longer service life. It also has a gear driven oil lubrication system, which supplies lubrication when the machine is running and doesn't circulate oil when machine is not running. As with all of the B&K® levelers it features a state of the art touch screen control platform. This allows for the operator to minimize set up time by selecting what type of coil condition they are experiencing. The machine then automatically adjusts the head tilt and lower backups based on a preprogrammed parameter. A fault and diagnostic package is also included within the touch screen controls.


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