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Come and explore how the B&K® Precision Leveler can improve your metal forming, cut-to-length or job shop business.


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Cut to Length / Multi-Blanking Systems from B&K®

Formtek-Maine with it's B&K® line-up of world class B&K® Precision Levelers has set the world on fire, now we are unleashing another innovation. The Multi-Blanking Cut to Length integrated system and the press is taking notice. Below you might enjoy reading case studies and articles regarding the successful application of this rugged, innovative system and how it might help your enterprise save money and achieve unparalleled productivity...

B&K® Multi-Blanking / Cut to Length Systems in the news


Keep your eye on this space, as word spreads about the economical cost of this system and the included features for your capital investment, the industry will recognize B&K® as the definitive Multi-Blanking, Cut to Length system supplier and your bottom line will never look better by providing you with ROI that is sure to be measurable and consistent. "Electric Productivity" — a hallmark of all B&K® Precision Levelers and Multi-Blanking / Cut to Length Systems.

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