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Precision Corrective Leveler
for B&K® Multi Blanking System
Precision Corrective Levelers
for CTL Lines Light Gauge
Precision Roller Levelers
for CTL Lines Heavy Gauge
Precision Corrective Levelers
in Press Feed Systems
HSLA Roller Levelers
in Press Feed Systems
B&K® Levelers in action
Standard Features
Levelers in production

Come and explore how the B&K® Precision Leveler can improve your metal forming, cut-to-length or job shop business.


To speak directly to a trained application engineer please give us a call today
800 247-2645 x205

Or to reach a trained member of the Formtek-Maine Service Team,
800 247-2645


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Video Clips — B&K® Precision Levelers

Below you will find video clips of our leveler in action, these are actual videos with the only editing being for information, time and format. We hope that you enjoy these videos as you explore the "Electric Productivity" that is the B&K® Precision Corrective Leveler.

Video Clips


These video clips are provided in Flash Video format, if you have Windows or a Mac and need to install the Flash Player you can download it here. If you require Apple's QuickTime Player you can download it here. Note: These videos are provided in low resolution, if you wish to see the Hi-Res version please contact one of your knowledgeable Sales Engineers and they will be able to provide you with more information on how you can receive them.



Flash Video Format Quicktime Format
   Leveling Panels    Leveling Panels
   Removing Edge Wave    Removing Edge Wave
   Inducing Edge Wave    Inducing Edge Wave
   Wrapper Line Integration    Wrapper Line Integration
   Press Line Integration    Press Line Integration


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